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Alchemy Crystal Tones ™ Singing Bowls are a unique kind of healing tool. They are made up of 99.9% crystal quartz combined with precious stones, metals and minerals. They are very pure in tone, and complete with intricate harmonic overtones. They are manufactured with special intention and each of these bowls has their own personality and is linked to a devi. 


Sound healing is one of the oldest kinds of healing known to man. Sound travels 4 times faster through water than through air. Because our bodies are made up mostly of water, the remarkable vibrations created by these bowls can penetrate deep into our beings and help dissolve and heal, create deep relaxation and restore harmony to our body and soul. One does not just hear the music; one can feel the vibrations, with certain tones affecting certain chakras or organs.


Alchemy Crystal Tones ™ Singing Bowls can be paired beautifully with Reiki. Just like Reiki energy can be channeled into blockages in the chakras, the vibrations of the crystal bowls will find their way to the same areas and restore balance. 

Past Events and Sound Baths

The Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls are a wonderful addition to any special event.

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