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1. How can I prepare for my first Reiki session?

Please try to arrive with a full stomach, wear comfortable clothes, remove all jewellery and do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs (limit coffee) on the day of your session.

2. What is my self-care after a session?

Please try not to have any plans after a session. It is a good time to take it easy, process and integrate the energy change. Drink a lot of water and/or herbal teas, and take a salt bath if that inspires you.

3. I don't usually feel energies, will Reiki still help me?

Yes! You will receive the benefits from the treatment whether you feel it or not. With time, you will also become more sensitive to the Reiki energy and begin to feel it. 

4. Can Reiki be a risk or cause harm?

No, Reiki always works for the highest good of the individual. It may cause some short term physical pains like a deep tissue massage would, but there is no other risk.

5. I'm pregnant, can I get Reiki?

Absolutely! Babies love Reiki. It is a wonderful way to bond with the unborn baby and bring relaxation and soothing.

6. How does distant Reiki work?

One of my favourite gifts of Reiki. I will connect with your energy body and higher self only by knowing your name and having the image of you in my head. You will feel me besides you just like in an in person session. The experience can also be more powerful than in person, because it is very much soul centred.

7. How often should I get a treatment?

This totally depends on the individual and what is being worked on. For acute physical struggles, some might need a few days in a row until all gets stabilised. For deeper emotional work, weeks are necessary to fully integrate the session. We will find what is best for you.

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