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Welcome to Reiki with Federica

It is with a lot of gratitude that I share the gift of Reiki with you. Having been blessed by incredible change and healing in my own life thanks to this energy, I am looking forward to being part of your own transformational journey. 

No miracle is too big when you feel the power of Reiki.

Much love and blessings,



What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing therapy that allows the body to reach a deep state of relaxation and in return, learn how to heal itself. When illness manifests in a part of the body, mind or spirit; there will be a correlated block or imbalance in one or more of the main energy centres, or chakras. The practitioner works as a vessel for this universal energy, channeling it into problem areas, and therefore helping rebalance the energetic source of physical and emotional ailments.

In our modern world of high stress, anxiety and unhealthy habits, Reiki is a simple act of self-care that can be a very powerful tool for all aspects of your health.



Federica is a Reiki Master teacher and Sound Healer based in Luxembourg. After experiencing the magic of Reiki in her own life, Federica became passionate about this spiritual healing art and decided to share it with people and their companion animals. Federica enjoys blending various holistic and energetic approaches to health, happiness and wellbeing. 

  • Reiki Level 1 Shoden, 

  • Reiki Level 2 Okuden,

  • Reiki Master Level - Shinpiden 

    • from the Seishin Reiki School Berlin.

  • Reiki for Animals

    •  The Reiki School, UK

  • Sound Medicine and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls certification by the Complimentary Medicine Association, London.

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