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-What my clients are saying -

"I wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to Federica, who helped me a lot with some fantastic distance Reiki sessions during the course of my COVID-19 infection. Both in the initial days of the illness and even now in the recovery phase, her Reiki sessions have greatly benefited me. It takes a lot of energy to fight the disease and to get the system back on track.

Thanks 🙏🏻 again"

Luca M. Switzerland

"I live in another country than Federica, but that is no problem at all for a reiki session. The energy transmitted was amazing and Federica did such a perfect job at grounding me that I was unable to move from my bed, until the session was over. The session had a great impact on me and my overall health, so I can definitely recommend her reiki sessions."

Liane M. The Netherlands

"Through both yoga Nidra and Reiki sessions, Federica has been able to drastically improve my balance and my general health and emotional well-being. Her strength not only lies in her strong energy and solid healing techniques but also in her deep knowledge of her practice as well as her straightforward communication. Each session has been an extremely powerful and evolving experience, with clear feedback and constant support, allowing me to better understand how to work on and take care of myself. She has become a pillar of energy for me and I highly recommend her should you need help realigning and balancing yourself in the future."

Filip G. UK

"Federica has given Reiki on my both dogs, one old lab with pain and a young lab who was badly attacked by another dog and got very anxious. After the treatment I could clearly see a difference in both dogs. She has done my son's pony as well with great results. I can highly recommend her services and she is so sweet and gentle. Needless to say my pets love her."

Ingrid J. Luxembourg

"I want to thank Federica for her distant Reiki Session last week. The day before I fell in the garden and my hip was really hurting. I also fell on a stone with my head, which was not dramatically injured, but I had quite a big headache. After one hour Reiki session the next day, my hip wasn‘t hurting anymore, my headache was gone and I felt full of energy. Thanks Federica for that wonderful experience, I appreciate it a lot and I really can recommend you as it helped me recover very quickly🙏💫☺️"

Nicole S. Luxembourg

Federica has helped me twice in the last 4 months to recover from a harsh winter cold first, and more recently for the flu. Both times through distance sessions. She has been very successful in helping me recover much faster. Not acquainted with reiki before, nor with alternative medicine, I went to her by recommendation of a friend and was quickly amazed at how effective she is (and how fast I improved). I couldn’t recommend more emphatically her services. Thank you Federica!

Alejandro H. France

Federica knows the art of holding space; she makes you feel comfortable and at ease as soon as you enter her space.
During her treatments, I felt like in a deep calming sleep, able to relax and let go completely.
Most important for me was that Federica is not judging, she does her work always with compassion, love and integrity.
Even though you don’t feel any changes right after the session, trust and the changes will arrive you in the right moment.
Thanks a lot Federica for your amazing healing energy! :)

Anne O. Luxembourg

Nous avons utilisé ses services pour notre cheval qui semblait quelque peu renfermé et dépressif. Le contact a été établi entre lui et Federica et 2 jours après, il avait retrouvé sa joie de vivre et son envie d'apprendre. Je ne peux expliquer cela, mais cela a vraiment marché ! Je recommande vraiment ses services.

Laurent B. Belgium

Aïcha (jument) a bénéficié de séances de Reiki avec Federica cet été alors qu elle venait de changer de vie et qu’elle s était blessée. Elles sont entrées en communication toutes les deux et outre le bien-être immédiat ressenti par Aïcha, j'ai pu adapter ses soins et gagné en confiance. Ce fut une aide précieuse pour établir la confiance entre Aicha et moi. Merci Federica!

Sylvie R. Luxembourg

Federica played a tremendous part in my pony's recovery. He had lost total balance, could not walk properly and would fall at every move. After a couple distance sessions his improvement was spectacular. People wanted to put him down, and now he is gallivanting about like nothing happened.

Sarah F. Luxembourg

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