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Reiki for Small Animals

Treatments take place either in the comfort of your home or remotely and can help your small companion animals regain their energetic strength and balance in order to heal themselves from whatever ailments (chronic or acute) are currently bothering them.

Any critter from a chicken, a tortoise, a rabbit to a cat or a dog are very welcome. 

Reiki has shown to be extremely beneficial for emotional and behavioural 'problems' to neurological, hormonal, stress-caused, accident caused or age related illnesses.

Reiki for Horses

Horses are very receptive and sensitive to energies. Reiki is a great way to support their everyday life and help them in times of stress, injury and illness. 

In the comfort of their box or remotely they can receive assistance in releasing some accumulated emotional tensions and also receive help in triggering their self healing.


Reiki also offers pain relief for injuries and helps strengthen their general immunity. 

For sport horses, a Reiki session can make sure that the equine athlete is at its fittest in order to be able to successfully complete its next competition and recover swiftly.

Animals are our healers

It is believed that animals are our healers. They mend our broken hearts, they offer their unconditional love and they soothe our loneliness. They do this so selflessly, but in doing so, they often absorb some of our troubles. By offering them Reiki, we give them a little helping hand in rebalancing themselves. 

It is always an honour for me to be trusted with someone's beloved companion. I love sharing Reiki with creatures of all species. Animals are so in tune with energies that they really cherish the moment as much as I do. It often provides them with all kinds of release; be it physical, emotional and energetic. I can't wait to meet all your special friends. 

Emergency Reiki support

Whether because of an accident, a sudden illness or old age; Reiki can be incredibly beneficial for animals in the clinic before and after being operated, animals after traumatic shock, or animals who seem to be dimming. The healing energy will always act for the highest good of the animal and provide, often quick, relief.

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